Gujarat PSC Exam Calendar 2018-19, Exam Schedule 2019

Gujarat PSC Exam Calendar 2018-19, Exam Schedule 2019:- Recently, Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) has released a notification regarding to GPSC Exam Calendar 2018-19 and provided direct link for all candidates who are looking it for a long time. Candidates who wise to submit application form need to check exam time table and get the all latest update regarding to Gujarat PSC Latest Vacancy 2018-19.

Candidates who are searching for Government Job in Gujarat State and are looking for a new job opportunity then look below this page and download their Gujarat PSC Exam Calendar 2018-19 PDF and collect all required details. Candidates who have submitted their application form and now want to appear in exam then you should check their exam dates according to released notification and check when exam in going to be held by the board.

Details of Gujarat PSC Exam Calendar 2018-19, Exam Schedule 2019:-

Here we ate try to mentioning all latest update regarding to GPSC Exam 2018 Dates. Candidates who wise to submit application form for the GPSC Upcoming Recruitment 2018-19 the read this full page and get the complete details by GPSC Calendar 2018-19 PDF Download from official website. This exam calendar is benefit for all candidates who want to check their running and upcoming exam date and all latest recruitment notification of Gujarat PSC 2018-19.

Gujarat PSC has announced notification for GPSC upcoming exams. The Exam calendar is available for the candidates in pdf format also so that they can save it for the future use. All those who are very passionate for getting a secular job in the government Sector can have  a golden opportunity as the GPSC is Released its Exam Schedule 2018-19 and give you the detailed information about the GPSC upcoming vacancy exam that are going to be happen in the year 2018 by the GPSC is given in Gujarat PSC Exam Calendar.

Apply online for Latest Gujarat State Vacancies

All the aspirants who are very much in keen for catching a government job and always looking for the latest government jobs .  There will be good news for them from the GPSC as the GPSC will soon release Gujarat PSC Exam Calendar 2019 and the candidates can get the jobs according to wish and also according to their eligibility criteria. So always visit the official portal and grab this opportunity and boost your career.

Name of the Recruitment Body: – Gujarat Public Service Commission.

Vacancy Category: – Government Jobs

Official Website: –

About the GPSC : The Gujarat Public Service Commission is the recruitment Body in the state of Gujarat that are helping the Gujarat government for conducting various recruitment process for the deserving candidates that are very much of eligible for the particular vacancy.

They would conduct various selection processes and by that they will choose the deserving candidate for the particular post. Their selection process include written exam which is followed by interview and document verification. The chairman of the GPSC is Shri Dinesh Dasa.

GPSC Exam Calendar 2018-19 vacancy details: –

PostVacanciesNotification datePrelim ExamPrelim Result
Assistant Engineer (Civil), Class-2 (R&B)21215-11-201803-03-2019Jun-2019
Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector, Class-32515-11-201803-03-2019May-2019
Hindi Stenographer, Grade II115-11-201803-03-2019May-2019
ICT Officer, Class-23115-10-201803-02-2019May-2019
Microbiologist, Class-1 (Specialist Services)1815-11-201827-01-2019Mar-2019
Pathologist , Class-1 (Specialist Services)1615-11-201827-01-2019Mar-2019
ENT Surgeon, Class-1 (Specialist Services)2415-11-201827-01-2019Mar-2019
Radiologist, Class-1 (Specialist Services)4915-11-201827-01-2019Mar-2019
Assistant Director (Commissioner of Youth Services), Class-1215-10-201820-01-2019Mar-2019
Joint Director (IT), Class-1515-10-201820-01-2019Mar-2019
Archaeologist Engineer, Class-2315-09-201806-01-2019Mar-2019
Curator, Class-2915-09-201806-01-2019Mar-2019
Gujarat Engineering Services (Civil) Class- 1 and 2

Executive Engineer Class-1(R&B)5
Deputy Executive Engineer, Class-2(R&B)20
Principal (Commissioner of Youth Services), Class-1115-10-201806-01-2019Mar-2019
Superintendent Archaeologist, Class-2515-09-201830-12-2018Feb-2019
Assistant Regional Transport Officer,Class-2215-09-201830-12-2018Feb-2019
District Social Welfare Officer, Class-2115-08-201823-12-2018Feb-2019
Horticulture Officer, Class-22515-08-201823-12-2018Mar-2019
Medical Officer, Class-2135015-08-201823-12-2018Feb-2019
Deputy Director, Class-I (ESIS)215-09-201823-12-2018Feb-2019
Deputy Director, Archaeology and Museum Class-1515-09-201823-12-2018Feb-2019
Deputy Section Officer / Deputy Mamlatdar, Class-3

Deputy Section Officer187
Deputy Mamlatdar100
Lecturer (Anatomy), Class-2 in Government Homeopathy College115-09-201816-12-2018Feb-2019
Lecturer (Physiology), Class-2 in Government Homeopathy College115-09-201816-12-2018Feb-2019
Lecturer (Homeopathy Pharmacy), Class-2 in Government Homeopathy College115-09-201816-12-2018Feb-2019
Lecturer (Pathology), Class-2 in Government Homeopathy College115-09-201816-12-2018Feb-2019
Lecturer (Forensic Medicine and Toxicology), Class-2 in Government Homeopathy College115-09-201816-12-2018Feb-2019
Lecturer (Homeopathy MateriaMedica), Class-2 in Government Homeopathy College115-09-201816-12-2018Feb-2019
Lecturer (Oraganon of Medicine), Class-2 in Government Homeopathy College115-09-201816-12-2018Feb-2019
Professor (Homeopathic MateriaMedica), Class-1 in Government Homeopathy College115-07-201825-11-2018Jan-2019
Professor (Organon of Medicine), Class-1 in Government Homeopathy College115-07-201825-11-2018Jan-2019
Dowry Prohibition Officer, Class-2415-08-201825-11-2018Dec-2018
Medical Insurance Officer (Allopathic), Class-2, (ESIS)9615-08-201825-11-2018Mar-2019
Analytical Chemist (Commissionerof GeologicalScience and Minerals), Class-2315-07-201804-11-2018Jan-2019
Chief Officer, Municipalities, Class-3715-07-201804-11-2018Feb-2019
Programme Officer (Woman and Child Development) , Class-1115-07-201804-11-2018Jan-2019
Translator, Class-3115-08-201804-11-2018Dec-2018
T. B. Officer, Class-1115-08-201804-11-2018Jan-2019
Agriculture Officer, Class-23515-08-201804-11-2018Jan-2019
Child Development Scheme Officer, Class-2215-08-201804-11-2018Jan-2019
District Leprosy Officer, Class-1215-09-201804-11-2018Jan-2019
Chief Officer, Municipalities, Class-2415-07-201828-10-2018Dec-2018
Reader (Anatomy), Class-1 in Govt. Homeopathy College115-08-201828-10-2018Dec-2018
Reader (Physiology), Class-1 in Govt. Homeopathy College115-08-201828-10-2018Dec-2018
Reader (Homeopathy Pharmacy), Class-1 in Govt. Homeopathy College115-08-201828-10-2018Dec-2018
Reader (Pathology), Class-1 in Govt. Homeopathy College115-08-201828-10-2018Dec-2018
Reader (Forensic Medicine and Toxicology), Class-1 in Govt. Homeopathy College115-08-201828-10-2018Dec-2018
Reader (Homeopathy MateriaMedica), Class-1 in Govt. Homeopathy College115-08-201828-10-2018Dec-2018
Reader (Oraganon of Medicine), Class-1 in Govt. Homeopathy College115-08-201828-10-2018Dec-2018
Chemist (Commissioner of Geological Science and Minerals), Class-1115-06-201827-10-2018Dec-2018
State Tax Inspector, Class-35015-08-201821-10-2018Dec-2018
Assistant Director, Archaeology and Museum, Class-2515-06-201807-10-2018Dec-2018
Senior Chemist (Commissioner of Geological Science and Minerals), Class-1115-06-201807-10-2018Dec-2018
Deputy Director (ESIS) Class-1315-06-201807-10-2018Dec-2018
Gujarat Administrative Services Class-1 and Gujarat Civil Services Class-1&210015-07-201807-10-2018Nov-2018
Administrative Officer (Commissionerof GeologicalScience and Minerals), Class-2215-07-201807-10-2018Dec-2018
Industrial Promotion Officer (Commissioner of Cottage ), Class-21715-07-201807-10-2018Jan-2019
Assistant Director of Horticulture, Class-2215-07-201807-10-2018Dec-2018
Director, Archaeology and Museums, Class-1115-06-201823-09-2018Nov-2018
Chief Chemist (Commissioner of Geological Science and Minerals), Class-1115-06-201823-09-2018Nov-2018
Child Marriage Prevention Officer-cum-District Social Welfare Officer, Class-2115-06-201823-09-2018Nov-2018
Principal, Ideal Residential School, Developing Caste (Special Drive), Class-2115-06-201823-09-2018Nov-2018
Principal, Gujarat Skill Training Services, Class-23015-06-201823-09-2018Dec-2018
Ophthalmologist, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.)115-05-201816-09-2018Nov-2018
ENT Surgeon, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.)115-05-201816-09-2018Nov-2018
Microbiologist, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.)1815-05-201816-09-2018Dec-2018
Director, Library, Class-1115-05-201816-09-2018Nov-2018
Assistant Commissioner of State Taxes, Class-11515-07-201816-09-2018Nov-2018
Gynaecologist, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.)315-05-201809-09-2018Nov-2018
Paediatrician, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.)215-05-201809-09-2018Nov-2018
Pathologist, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.)115-05-201809-09-2018Nov-2018
Radiologist, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.)315-05-201809-09-2018Nov-2018
Principal/Superintendent, Government Homeopathy College, Class-1115-05-201809-09-2018Nov-2018
Principal, Gujarat Ayurved Service, Class-1415-05-201809-09-2018Nov-2018
Industrial Officer (Technical), Class-2115-04-201819-08-2018Oct-2018
Surgeon, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.)215-05-201819-08-2018Oct-2018
Anaesthetist, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.)115-05-201819-08-2018Oct-2018
Deputy Director (Commissionerof GeologicalScience and Minerals), Class-1115-04-201805-08-2018Oct-2018
Deputy Director Prohibition and Excise, Class-1115-05-201805-08-2018Oct-2018
Deputy Director (Women and Child Development), Class-1315-05-201805-08-2018Oct-2018
Tutor, Pathology Class-2 (Medical Cadre)715-04-201822-07-2018Sep-2018
Assistant Commissioner of Industries, Class-1615-04-201822-07-2018Sep-2018
Inspecting Officer, (Court Fees) Class-1715-04-201822-07-2018Sep-2018
Administrative Officer, Directorate of Indian System of Medicine & Homeopathy, Class-1115-05-201822-07-2018Sep-2018
Lecturer, Prosthetic and Orthotics Class-1 (Dental )215-04-201808-07-2018Sep-2018
Tutor, Pathology Class-2(Special Drive) (Medical Cadre)1515-04-201808-07-2018Sep-2018
Assistant Geologist (Commissionerof GeologicalScience and Minerals), Class-2315-04-201808-07-2018Sep-2018
Assistant Charity Commissioner, Class-11115-04-201808-07-2018Sep-2018
Administrative Officer, Class-2 (E.S.I.S.)815-04-201808-07-2018Sep-2018
Professor, Periodontology, Class-1 (Dental)115-04-201801-07-2018Sep-2018
Professor, Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, Class-1 (Dental)115-04-201801-07-2018Sep-2018
Assistant Professor, Oral Medicine and Radiology, Class-1 (Dental )215-04-201801-07-2018Sep-2018
Assistant Professor, Orthodontics and Dental Orthopaedic, Class-1 (Dental)515-04-201801-07-2018Sep-2018
Assistant Professor Public Health Dentistry, Class-1 (Dental)315-04-201801-07-2018Sep-2018
Professor, Oral Pathology and Microbiology, Class-1 (Dental)215-04-201824-06-2018Aug-2018
Professor, Prosthodontics and Crown and Bridges, Class-1 (Dental)215-04-201824-06-2018Aug-2018
Professor, Orthodontics and Danto facial Orthopaedics, Class-1 (Dental)315-04-201824-06-2018Aug-2018
Professor, Paedodontics (Paediatric) and preventive dentistry, Class-1 (Dental)115-04-201824-06-2018Aug-2018
Professor, Public Health Dentistry, Class-1 (Dental Cadre)115-04-201824-06-2018Aug-2018

So regularly visit the official website of the commission and also you could get all the detailed information regarding Gujarat PSC Exam Calendar 2018-19 by our website .So start Preparing for the exam. Gujarat PSC invites application form for GPSC Exams 2018. Candidates can check latest exam notification and other information. The Gujarat Public service Commission (GPSC) is announced its notification regarding the various recruitment for the year 2018-19 in their Gujarat PSC Exam Calendar 2018-19

Aspirants can be able get all their answers regarding various posts, date of the examination notifications regarding the application for the posts , eligibility criteria and all the related information that the candidate want to know about each and every recruitment with the help of GPSC Exam Calendar 2018-19.

Name of vacancyNotification date
Gujarat education servicesAnnouncing soon
Rural Development OfficerAnnouncing soon
Municipal Executive OfficerAnnouncing soon
District Minority Welfare OfficerAnnouncing soon
District Planning OfficerAnnouncing soon
Gujarat Registration ServicesAnnouncing soon
Gujarat Administrative servicesAnnouncing soon
Gujarat election servicesAnnouncing soon
Assistant engineerAnnouncing soon
District Military welfare OfficerAnnouncing soon
Assistant Prosecution OfficerAnnouncing soon
Insurance Medical OfficerAnnouncing soon
Veterinary OfficerAnnouncing soon
Assistant Grade III in TechnicalAnnouncing soon
Gujarat Police ServicesAnnouncing soon
Gujarat Financial ServicesAnnouncing soon
Assistant Planning OfficerAnnouncing soon
Gujarat Probation ServicesAnnouncing soon
Gujarat Jail ServicesAnnouncing soon
Gujarat Labour servicesAnnouncing soon

Important steps for Downloading Gujarat PSC Exam Calendar 2018-19

  • Initially visit the official website of the GPSC
  • Check for Gujarat PSC Exam calendar 2018-19 links and hit on that link.
  • The exam calendar will display on the screen in the form of pdf.
  • Download the pdf and take the printout of the exam calendar for further usage.

GPSC Exam 2018-19 Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria for GPSC Exam 2018-19 such As education qualification, Age limit, Physical Standards etc of aspirant can be available to you at the official portal of the commission. So visit the official site for further details.

GPSC Exam 2018-19 Syllabus and Pattern : 

The Detailed Information about the GPSC Exam 2018-19 exam pattern and syllabus will n available t you at the official site of the portal. For any further inquires regarding Gujarat PSC Exam Calendar 2018-19 visit our website.

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