IES Exam Preparation Tips 2020, How To Prepare for IES Exam 2020

IES Exam Preparation Tips 2020, How To Prepare for IES Exam 2020 : All students who enroll in IES 2020(ESE) want to crack this exam. Your hard work and our preparation tips can definite give you success in IES 2020. First of all you have to know what you should read for 100% success. Here IES Exam Preparation Tips 2020 for all branches i.e. Preparation Tips for Civil, Preparation Tips for Mechanical, Preparation Tips for EC and Preparation Tips for Electrical.

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IES Exam Preparation Tips 2020, How To Prepare for IES Exam 2020

Strategy planning to crack IES 2020(ESE):

  1. Finish course of subject one by one. Do not confuse to choose subjects which one is study first you have to study hard subject first. After completion of complete syllabus then revise them all at once.
  2. When step1 is completed then comes to step 2 here you have to solve 10 previous years paper of both type i.e. objective and subjective as well.
  3. While practicing objective type paper you have to set clock and solve according to time. Do not waste time and do not go to check answers in between your exam time. Just solve the paper and after 2 hours you calculate marks and check out your mistakes.
  4. Repeat step 3 for subjective paper also except you has 3 hours for solve this paper. Remember your hand writing is also valuable so write neatly and correctly. Write first correct answer that you have well known and after you write which you may be cannot take 100% surety for the correctness of answer.
  5. Use pencil for underline good information and also write formula and give notes for special and different knowledge. These all thing increase your marks in exam.
  6. Do not feel low if you not score in practice exam try again and again. Practice makes you perfect.
  7. Always remember hard work never fades.

Now you all know how to study for IES (ESE) 2020, Strategy to crack IES 2020 and planning for IES 2020.

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